30 BR Production Lot Testing

Happy New Year to all the competitive shooters out there! Hopefully the Covid vaccine rollouts in 2021 allow more matches to take place and we can all get back to enjoying the rifle sports sooner rather than later!

As might be expected with a precision bullet manufacturer catering to the highest levels of competitive rifle sports, Stinger Ballistics is continuously testing current production. Beyond the constant production sampling and measuring of individual production measures, we engage in "rubber meets the road" testing!

One of these measures is to shoot current production in competitive environments to gain instant feedback on a specific bullet's overall market competitiveness. This testing is done during the competitive season. The second measure is to randomly pull production bullets and shoot through a rail gun looking for variances. 

For those not entirely familiar with rail gun technology, below there is a short video and a few pictures illustrating the precision of this rifle sport. Rail guns are classed as "return to battery" rifles. That is, the point of aim does not shift from shot to shot. For the purposes of bullet testing, this eliminates one of the more significant shot to shot variables in group size.  

Of course, this still leaves environmental factors in the equation (primarily wind speed and direction). We can minimize the effects of wind speed and direction utilizing wind flags with direction and speed indicators. You can see the wind flags in one of the pictures.

And a final note on environmental inputs, mirage is easily handled and its effects on sight picture are eliminated with a rail gun. As the rail gun carries the same point of aim shot to shot, there is no physical "aiming" as there is on a bag gun. One less environmental factor to handle.   

Now it is just up to having an experienced trigger puller running the rail gun. You will note, the shooter does not need to be looking through the crosshairs to pull the trigger, and usually doesn't. The shooter is focused entirely on watching wind speed and direction, looking for either the same condition or continuous condition. 

In the video below is a 30 BR rail gun testing Killer Bees in 308 cal, 115g FB. 

Enjoy the video and pictures, and I hope to see many of you in the upcoming competitive season.